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financial dashboard

Representation of total financial benefit

kickoff meeting

We started out with a kickoff meeting for this project and I created user stories based on the information I received from the client partner. The client was requesting a dashboard to show its sales reps the financial benefit of using our product. There was a lot of data that they requested be presented. We determined that there were 4 main categories of data that rolled up into a single number which was the "Total Financial Benefit".


I used sticky notes to show each kind of data and how it related to the Total Financial Benefit. I also used small notes in the upper right corner to denote what kind of data was being shown.

After laying out the basic kinds of data that needed to be shown, I wanted to brainstorm what graph should be used to represent each kind of data.

From there, I used sticky notes to show what kind of graph I thought would best go with each grouping of data. 

Dashboard Inspo.jpg


From there I created some low fidelity wireframes on paper. 

After that I created a wireframe in AdobeXD and shared it with the developer and client partner for feedback. 

Dashboard Wireframe.jpg


After a few iterations of wireframes and some more research, I landed on this layout and applied the client's brand. 

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