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rewards & recognition program

Responsive website

project kickoff

The first step in this project was to meet with the team. This team consisted of the client partner, a developer and myself. We discussed scope, timeline and necessary capabilities that would be required in order to consider this a successful project. After gathering the information that I needed to get started, I created a few user stories.

user stories


As an employee I want to be able to reward my coworkers for a job well done and encourage a supportive work environment for myself and those around me. 


If see a coworker going above and beyond, I want to be able to recognize that coworker by sending them points to redeem products from an online catalog.


As an employee I want to be able to redeem my points for products from the reward catalog and have them sent directly to an address I specify. 



If I have points I want to be able to browse and search an online catalog with a variety of products & brands, and be able to use my points to redeem the products I choose.


As a manager, I want my employees to see how they stack up against each other in sales volume. I want to foster a healthy competition between employees to drive sales.



If an employee is in the top 10 in sales volume on the leaderboard, I want them to receive a reward.


As a manager, I want to reward employees on their service anniversaries by sending them a virtual incentive.



If an employee reaches a milestone service anniversary, I want them to automatically receive points.


From the user stories, I created 3 personas that represent the 3 main types of people that will be getting the most use out of this product. 

Chas F.png
Asset 8_4x.png

information architecture

I added the most important components of the program to sticky notes and used them to lay out the navigation of the site. 


user journey mapping

I used a Miro board to map a few user journeys. This board shows how a user would recognize a colleague. 

User Journey Map.png


Originally the client partner requested we reuse a homepage from a different client. I wanted to take this opportunity to update the layout of the homepage for a better user experience. Below you can see my wireframes and my findings from testing and research. 

Homepage V01 (Desktop).jpg
Homepage V02 (Desktop).jpg
Homepage V03 (Desktop).jpg

These are some brainstorming sketches that I did between the third and fourth wireframes


Here is the final wireframe.

Homepage V04 (Desktop).jpg

design system

I had the opportunity to work with my team to implement a design system. I was able to use the components from this library to create my my mockups. 

Style Guide.jpg


Mockups for end.png
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